Recent Advances in Discrete Analysis Technology for Automated Simultaneous Multi-parameter Wet Chemistry Testing in Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Soil Samples

Operational Issues Impacting the Environmental Laboratory Industry
Oral Presentation

Presented by C. Fisher
Prepared by G. He
Thermo Fisher Scientific, 490 Lakeside Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, California, 94085, United States

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Traditional wet chemistry techniques have been used for years to undertake nutrient analysis of drinking water, wastewater, and soil samples. However, these approaches are slow, labor and maintenance intensive, involving large volume of hazardous reagents that add substantial costs for waste disposal. This presentation will discuss the use of automated discrete wet chemistry analyzers and the associated regulatory-compliant system methods for the determination of nutrient levels, pH, and conductivity in environmental water and soil testing. Participants will also learn that together with the advanced software features enabling more automation, less manual workaround and better regulation compliance, such as with the U.S. EPA, discrete analyzers can help laboratories consolidate multi-parameter tests onto one automation platform and provide a faster, safer, turnkey solution to traditional wet chemistry methods for productivity improvement and cost reduction. The EPA-approved methods for detecting nitrate + nitrite (TON) via enzymatic reduction and orthophosphate in drinking water will also be discussed.