Unlock your ICP-MS’s Potential: A New High Throughout, High Performance Configuration

Operational Issues Impacting the Environmental Laboratory Industry
Poster Presentation

Prepared by J. Masone
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Glass Expansion’s newly-developed IsoMist-MS and patented “Jet Vortex Interface” (JVI) grants the ICP-MS user access to new levels of instrument performance. The IsoMist-MS, fully compatible with the Agilent® 7850/7900/8900 and Thermo Fisher Scientific Q/RQ/TQ, is a plug-and-play upgrade to the standard spray chamber, which results in the highest throughput with the lowest carryover, even for the most troublesome “sticky” elements, including Hg—a boon for any environmental lab concerned with the integrity of their analyses. Performance is improved even more with the addition of the JVI interface—an efficient aerosol filtration accessory that reduces the average particle size by 3-4% for every 0.05 L/min of flow, which works in conjunction with the instrument’s existing auxiliary gas options. This patented accessory allows the analyst to optimally fine-tune their instrument parameters, especially for the “real world” high-matrix samples commonly encountered in the environmental lab: the JVI enables the analyst to reduce the oxides ratio to well below 1% to achieve the most robust plasma possible and minimize oxide interferences, with the added benefit of minimizing deposition on the cones, thus reducing instrument drift and contamination, and plasma-induced sample matrix effects.