A Novel Approach to Total Organic Fluorine Analysis Using CIC

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment
Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. Gandhi
Metrohm USA, 9250 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, FL, 33578, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 813-316-4700


EPA Method 1621 uses combustion ion chromatography (CIC) to look at adsorbable organic fluorine (AOF) in water samples, including PFAS compounds. This method involves first adsorbing organofluorine containing compounds onto activated carbon, which is then combusted to give the result as AOF, a method-defined parameter. While this method can provide greater insights to the scope of fluorine contamination, not all PFAS related compounds are effectively adsorbed onto activated carbon, especially those with carbon chain lengths of less than 6. To address this shortcoming, a novel sample preparation method was investigated to look at the full scope of total organic fluorine (TOF) by CIC. Results of the method will be presented.