Development of Suitable Methods for PFAS Sample Preparation in Different Matrices

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment
Poster Presentation

Presented by F. Foster
Prepared by A. Koepf1, F. Foster2, T. Gersthagen1, S. Wierer1, S. Kharel1
1 - LCTech GmbH, Daimlerstr. 4, Obertaufkirchen, Bavaria, 84419, Germany
2 - Gerstel Inc., 701 Digital Drive, Suite J, Linthicum, Maryland, MD 21090, United States

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Currently, SPE cartridge solutions for extractions of PFAS from drinking water exist. However, solid samples (especially soil samples) have the ability to strongly bind neutral and long chain PFAS. Therefore, more demanding sample matrices, e.g. environmental and food/feed matrices are handled with a more elaborate dual SPE or a combination of SPE and dispersive clean-up to remove matrix intereferences. Despite of the tedious process, all of them lack the ability to enrich some specific PFAS in a sufficient way e.g. neutral sulfonamides or long chain PFAS. The presentation shows a SPE solution that is very efficient, cost-saving and time-effective for the clean-up and enrichment for the whole range of PFAS analytes. Dedicated lab-setup helps to avoid blind values and standardizes the sample preparation processes. Analyte extraction of solid samples via manual shaking was compared with a pressurized liquid extraction, and successfully improved especially the extraction of neutral and long chain PFAS. An important point in the development of the method was to ensure blind value free PLE. For the enrichment and/or purification of PFAS compounds SPE cartridge solutions of different compositions were applied. Also an appropriate method for sample concentration was developped to save the volatile PFAS analytes. For this critical evaporation step a vacuum-centrifuge with cold-trap was used. The samples were subsequently analysed by LC-MS/MS. SPE cartridge solutions of different compositions show high recoveries, low standard variations and reliable clean-up of PFAS analytes in different matrices. The presented workflow shows a streamlined sample preparation process for the PFAS analysis, which can be used for different kinds of PFAS including neutral sulfonamides and long chain analytes in various matrices. Further, SPE results with a superior performance for enrichment and clean-up of PFAS molecules from water, soil and food will be shown.