New Method for Safe Flashpoint Testing of Wastewater

Crafting Consensus Methods for Environmental Sampling and Measurement
Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. Ayala
Ayalytical Instruments, Inc., 2787 W Fulton St, Chicago, Illinois, 60612, United States

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Flash point testing of liquid wastes poses a particular safety risk because the composition of the sample is unknown and the expected flashpoint or the initial temperature of the test cannot be estimated accurately. With conventional flash point methods, initiating the test at a temperature above the flashpoint will create an immediate ignition and produce explosive flames causing fire hazards in the lab.
The advanced MCCCFP (modified continuously closed cup flash point) method does not employ an open flame and its intrinsically safe design mitigates the safety risks for samples where the expected flash point is not known. Here we discuss the application of this method to liquid wastes, which may include secondary materials, off-specification products, and materials containing free liquids recovered during emergency response actions and demonstrate the excellent performance relative to conventional methods.