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Crafting Consensus Methods for Environmental Sampling and Measurement
Poster Presentation

Prepared by E. Campbell, T. Kinnunen-Skidmore, A. Marceau, M. Nyansa, C.
NECi, 217 Calumet St, LAke Linden, MI, 49945, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 906-296-1000


NECi has been busy developing new applications for enzymes qualified over the years. We haven’t done enough to let people know about these resources. Method development is a lot more fun than marketing. We publish in Elsevier’s open access journal MethodsX when we have the time to write the articles. The new method for orthophosphate, based on an enzyme called PNP, is a one step reaction with detection at 360nm. We’ve validated for water and soils. We’ve validated that our enzyme-based nitrate detection reagents are compatible with the newer Total Nitrogen methods that drive all N to nitrate. We’ve modified an established medical research assay for enzyme-based nitrate method with detection by fluorescence, increasing sensitivity by ten-fold or more, depending on your fluorimeter – into low ppb range. Not completely relevant to this conference, we have an enzyme for detection of glycerol in biodiesel at all stages of products down to the ASTM level required for use in an engine.