Enzymes as Picobots: Quality Data for Citizen/Community Science

Community Based Monitoring & Environmental Justice
Poster Presentation

Prepared by E. Campbell
NECi, 334 Hecla St, 217 Calumet St, Lake Linden, MI, 49945, United States

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Enzymes are proteins that perform complex chemical reactions under gentle conditions. No solvents, pressure or heat required. Think of them as tiny robots - picobots - that work until they fall apart into their constituent amino acids. Analytically, enzymes are hard to beat for selectivity and specificity - enzymes can detect the needle in that haystack. This simplifies sample prep. Many reactions can be detected colormetrically - no or minimal equipment required. Data quality approaches lab methods with careful measurement of sample volume and a photometer. Assay volumes can be very small, for less waste. And most reactions require no hazardous materials.

These characteristics make enzyme-based analytical chemistry a great match for Community Science and Education.