Modified ASTM Method D7363 for the Bulk Measurement of Polar Petroleum Metabolites in Produced Waters and Petroleum Impacted Groundwater

Environmental Forensics
Oral Presentation

Prepared by E. Litman1, E. Healey2
1 - NewFields Environmental Forensics Practice LLC, 300 Ledgewood Place, Suite 205, Rockland, MA, 02370, United States
2 - NewFields, 300 Ledgewood Place, Suite 205, Rockland, MA, 02370, United States

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A solid phase microextraction (SPME) method was developed to measure the bioavailable bulk fraction of polar petroleum metabolites in produced water and petroleum impacted groundwater samples. ASTM Method D7363 was modified to generate both bulk polar metabolite measurements by GC/FID and to identify non-target polar chemicals by GC/MS. The method can be used to measure the magnitude, composition and bioavailability of polar chemicals in petroleum impacted water samples. This approach will provide useful data to site investigators evaluating the extent of degraded petroleum exposure, and the potential availability of polar chemicals to ecological receptors. This presentation will include a case study from a petroleum impacted groundwater site, where this method was used to evaluate the degree of petroleum degradation, and measure the magnitude and type of polar chemicals detected in site groundwater samples.