Hot Topics for Newly TNI Accredited Laboratories

Best Management Practices for Environmental Laboratories
Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. Mitzi Miller1, M. Miller2
1 - NSF Laboratories , PO BOX 1147 , Citronelle, AL, 36522, United States
2 - MQC, LLC, , , United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 251-243-3631


At times, we take for granted that the TNI standard and programs are understood by all parties in the laboratory industry. Even in this mature industry, there are new laboratories coming online on a regular basis (either due to being a newly established laboratory or a laboratory with scope changes). Regardless of the reason for a new accreditation, labs experience growing pains during the process. A few key topics for newly accredited labs to focus on will be discussed during this presentation, such as:

* Organizational structure and staffing requirements

* Documentation of purchasing and contracts

* Method Validation and SOPs

* Error and Uncertainty evaluation

* Accurate and Complete Records

* confusing requirements for documents versus records

* Understanding traceability with respect to ISO 17034

* MDL/LOQ verifications