Dual Microscopy Technique for the Analysis of Microplastics

Analyzing Microplastics in the Environment
Poster Presentation

Prepared by R. Marfil-Vega1, L. Ostopowicz2, G. Vial2, K. Kawahara3
1 - Shimadzu, 7102 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States
2 - Shimadzu, 7102 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, MD, 21046, United States
3 - Shimadzu, , Kyoto, , Japan

Contact Information: [email protected]; 410-910-0884


Which technique is better for the characterization of microplastics in environmental samples: Raman or infrared? Micro-Raman spectroscopy makes it possible to analyze smaller particles than micro-infrared spectroscopy. The newly developed AIRsight Infrared/Raman microscope is an instrument that incorporates a Raman unit into an infrared microscope, enabling scientists to perform the analysis of microplastics on a single platform. In addition to the increased sensitivity Raman grants, this instrument provides two lines of evidence for identifying the nature of the polymers constituting the particles. In this presentation, we will share the performance of this dual technique for analyzing microplastics in environmental samples.