Development of a Semi-Volatile Column Optimized for the Analysis of Hazardous Waste

New Organic Monitoring Techniques
Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. English, C. Hilliard, C. Rattray, K. Sellers, J. Herrington, B. Salisbury, W. Dudek-Salisbury
Restek, 110 Benner Circle, Bellefonte, PA, 16823, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 814-353-1300


Analyzing basic, neutral, and acidic semi-volatile environmental pollutants such as those found in US EPA 8270 at increasingly lower levels of detection puts demands on the entire analytical system. One of the greatest challenges is maintaining system performance following repeated injections of highly contaminated samples. The goal is to develop a column tuned for PAH selectivity while maintaining the same elution profile labs expect from other silarylene “5-type” columns along with improved lifetime.

This presentation will review the details of the lifetime study results using contaminated extracts and will highlight the advantages of this column using a new deactivation and stationary phase.