Increasing Efficiency in BOD Analysis with Automated Sample Preparation and Measurement

Operational Issues Impacting the Environmental Laboratory Industry
Oral Presentation

Prepared by S. McFaul
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Advances in benchtop automation over the last serval years has allowed laboratories to successfully reduce sample turn-around time, improve accuracy of results, eliminate potential operator errors, minimize downtime, improve data recording, as well as free staff from tedious and time consuming tests. This discussion will focus on the automation of BOD analysis, a labor intensive test most laboratories are familiar with. Through the use of robotic instrumentation it is possible to simply automate the measurement of dissolved oxygen, or to automate the complete BOD process from start to finish. These robotic systems include options such as barcode reading, pH measurement and adjustment, sample dosing, automated addition of seed, inhibitor and dilution water, as well as decapping and capping of bottles.