Detection of Microplastics in Consumer Products with Single-Particle ICP-MS

Analyzing Microplastics in the Environment
Poster Presentation

Prepared by K. Young1, F. Laborda2, C. Trujillo2, R. Lobinski3, E. Kroukamp4, S. Smith1
1 - PerkinElmer Inc., 710 Bridgeport Ave, M/S 293, Shelton, Connecticut, 06484, United States
2 - University of Zaragoza, , Zaragoza, , Spain
3 - Université de Pau et des Pays de L'Adour, , , Pau, France
4 - PerkinElmer Inc., 501 Rowntree Dairy Rd., Woodbridge, Ontaria, Canada

Contact Information: [email protected]; 203-402-1865


Microplastics are a growing problem both as environmental contaminants and as a potential health risk in consumer products. A variety of techniques exist for the detection and identification of microplastics, but the analyses can be time-consuming and sample only a limited number of microplastic particles. These limitations can be overcome with Single-Particle ICP-MS (SP-ICP-MS), a technique which rapidly samples and detects metal-containing nanoparticles.

This work demonstrates that SP-ICP-MS can also be used for the detection and screening of microplastic particles. Method development and characterization were performed with polystyrene microparticles; the optimized method was applied to the detection of microplastics in personal care products and those released from food packaging.