IC-MS Analysis of Perchlorate, Bromate, and Bromide in Drinking Water

Drinking Water
Poster Presentation

Prepared by J. Gandhi
Metrohm USA, 9250 Camden Field Parkway, Riverview, Florida, 33578, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 813-316-4700


Ion chromatography (IC) is commonly used for the sensitive and selective analysis of ions and polar species in environmental sample matrices. Conductivity detectors are most common, but IC can also be amenable to UV/Vis, amperometric, and mass spectrometric detection. Mass spectrometry pairs well with IC, as it offers for lower detection limits, superior analyte identification, and better extraction from interfering sample matrix.
An IC-MS method was developed for looking at trace levels of perchlorate, bromate, and bromide in drinking water, using a Metrohm ion chromatograph paired with an Agilent iQ MS. Agilent Open Lab CDS provided a single software solution for both instrument control and data analysis.