Automated Ultra-high Dilutions (>10,000x) to Extend the Applicability of ICPMS to Highly Concentrated Samples

Metals Analysis and Remediation
Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Manhart
Elemental Scientific, 7277 World Communication Dr, Omaha, Ne, 68122, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 402-991-7800 (ext. 2798)


The trend toward using ICPMS for all metals analyses is driven by low detection limits, rapid analysis times, and wide elemental coverage. However, highly concentrated samples such as leachates, digested soils, brine samples and dissolved metals are still often analyzed by ICP, due to the lower matrix effects of that technique. This work examines the use of a new ultra-high dilution system to automatically bring highly concentrated analytes or highly concentrated sample matrices into range for ICPMS. The system employs intelligent dual-stage dilution to prepare samples at dilution factors from 1x to 10,000x or greater, allowing even % level analytes to be analyzed by ICPMS. Long-term stability, ultra-wide automated calibration ranges, ultra-high rinse factors, and automated over-range dilution factors are evaluated. Ultra-high automated dilution, combined with other ICPMS improvements such as gas dilution, minimizes ICPMS matrix effects, reduces polyatomic ion mass spectral interferences, improves detector linearity, and reduces ICPMS cone maintenance.