Can the Need for ½ Mass Corrections for Double-Charged Interferences in Methods 200.8 and 6020 Be Eliminated Using a Multi-Quad ICP-MS?

Instrumentation Focus: Reducing Interferences in ICP/MS
Oral Presentation

Prepared by R. Wolf, E. Pruszkowski, A. Hineman, E. Kroukamp
Perkin Elmer, 710 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton, CT, 06484, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 303-513-3893


Recent concerns over false positive results for As and Se in some environmental samples due to the formation of double-charged species of rare-earth elements (REEs) such as Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, and Er have led to the development of using ½ mass corrections to correct for these potential interferences. This is of particular concern for instruments employing He collision cells. Like any stoichiometric correction, the use of ½ mass corrections can result in the under- or over-correction of the interference. This talk will discuss the use of a multi-quadrupole ICP-MS to potentially eliminate the need for ½ mass corrections entirely. In addition, the ability to provide a semi-quantitative analysis to screen for the presence of REEs during the quantitative data acquisition cycle will be demonstrated as a useful tool to provide further confirmation that As and Se results are accurate.