Dongmei Alvi

Dongmei Alvi

Ms. Alvi is Research Associate and Laboratory Supervisor of Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory. She has twenty years of experience in environmental laboratory management, environmental sample analysis including water, sediment, and biological tissues related to monitoring and research projects. She has been implementing quality systems to comply national and state standards from the last ten years. She is in charge of:

Supervision of laboratory analytical work in drinking water reservoir monitoring programs on the Occoquan Reservior and Lake Manassas, storm water run off monitoring project for Prince William county, pesticide and organic solvent pollution monitoring for Fairfax county in Northern Virginia, and microbial source tracking project for Council of Government at Washington DC.

Compliance with national and state accreditation program, the NELAC Institute (TNI) and state of Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (VELAP), documentation of quality systems, standard operation procedures (SOPs) for initial and continuing VELAP certification.

Ms. Alvi holds a Master's degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is currently a PhD candidate of department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 572-265-7287