A New Method for the Analysis of PFAS in Non-Potable Water

Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment
Oral Presentation

Presented by L. Zintek
Prepared by W. Lipps1, L. Zintek2, D. Kleinmaier2
1 - Shimadzu, 7102 Riverwood Dr, Columbia, Maryland, 21046, United States
2 - US EPA Region 5, 536 South Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60605, USA

Contact Information: [email protected]; 443-539-6216


ASTM Committee D19 is developing a new method to replace, or supplement, ASTM Method D7979 for the analysis of PFAS in non-potable water samples. The method will extract samples in the same manner as D7979, however, more compounds are added along with additional calibration schemes including isotope dilution. Once developed and optimized, the method will undergo an Inter-laboratory study according to ASTM Practice D2777. This presentation covers the progress to date of the development and drafting of this new standard. Chromatography and single laboratory validation and interference studies will be presented.