The Importance of Traceability in the Analytical Process

Identifying and Combatting Inappropriate Laboratory Practices
Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. Appleby
Retired, 155 Gatewood Circle, Athens, GA, 30607-2012, United States

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The review of analytical chemistry data has always focused on the gathering of information to establish the acceptability and usability of a data set for its intended use. Modern automated review systems have greatly enhanced what was once an aggravatingly slow process to one that is now generally quick and convenient, unless problems are flagged by the system. However, an aspect of the review process that has been a challenge to automate, and is often deficient, is establishing traceability throughout the analytical process. In keeping with the conference theme for 2021, this talk is intended to reset the conversation about traceability, with discussion of examples from several types of data.