Automation for Proactive Risk Management in Facilities with Waste Streams, Water Treatment, and Analytical Laboratories

Data Quality, Management, and Review
Oral Presentation

Prepared by P. Banfer
EISC Lab Data Automation, 6767 W. Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV, 89103, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 18883203472


Since the year 2000 over 86 billion in environmental violation fines have been assessed due to discharge exceedance, pollution leaks, and pollution disasters. Much of these pollution issues could have been averted if the theme of analytical result process flow automation were changed, for monitoring health and safety contaminates, from tracking to early detection and early response.

Early detection and early response automation shifts the decision process mode from crisis to proactive. Eliminating or significantly reducing potential problems or disasters to life, company, and/or reputation.

This presentation will focus on the automation of quality oversight and early notification control centers to recognize quality assurance, anomalies, leaks, contaminates, and compliance issues in real-time for analytical laboratories, water treatment facilities, and industrial/manufacturing sites with waste streams.

Key focus areas of the presentation include:

• Effects of discharge exceedance, pollution leaks, and pollution disasters on life, company financials, negative PR, and company reputation
• Shifting the analytical result automation process flow from reactive to proactive to predictive
• Automation solution model to minimize risk, problems, and disasters
• Applying Edge Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things
• Key notification alerts for:
o Quality Assurance
o Safety Assurance
o Non-conformance
o Anomalies
• Application of real-time statistics
• Out-sourced lab data verification and oversight
• Closing the loop by recording the actions taken to address the issues