ISO 17025 Accreditation of Open-path Systems as a Method for Standardization of QA/QC Protocols for Open-path Air Monitoring Systems

Air Monitoring, Methods, and Technology (Session 2)
Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Baird1, D. Gamiles2, B. Olive3
1 - Argos Scientific Africa (Pty) Ltd, 17 Saddlers Close, Hout Bay, Cape Town, Select, 7806, South Africa
2 - Argos Scientific, Inc., 3620 SE SUNRISE DR., Camas, WA, 98607, United States
3 - University of North Alabama, DEPT OF CHEMISTY & IND HYGENE 1660 Tune Ave, FLORENCE, AL, 35630, United States

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A critical element associated with fence-line and community air monitoring is establishing a quality management program to address quality assurance, program management, and safety. This paper includes the development of a quality assurance program that is compliant with the ISO-17025 standard for the operation of fence-line gas analyzers. Developing an ISO17025 accredited program will improve the overall institutional capability for producing valid results. In addition, it provides a common platform for monitoring the performance of a monitoring program using an accreditation body.
The paper presents a case study on the lessons learned in developing an ISO 17025 accredited program and presents a path forward in operating the fence-line monitoring systems installed at refineries, as well as other industrial sources. Two different aspects of a quality system will be presented. The first is the development of the technical system such as the analytic method used to quantify data from analyzers used in the monitoring program. The second is the development of a quality management system for the program. The combination of the two elements provides a highly effective, quality management program for fence-line monitoring applications.