Quality Control Specifications for Standard Test Methods for Water Analysis

Crafting Consensus Methods for Environmental Sampling and Measurement
Oral Presentation

Prepared by L. Houston
PAC, LP, 18 Cirrus Ct, The Woodlands, No, 773802729, United States

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The D5847 practice provides specific, mandatory requirements for incorporating quality control (QC) procedures into all test methods under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D19 on Water. With this practice, users of Committee D19 test methods can demonstrate a minimum competency in the performance of these test methods by comparison with collaborative study data. In addition, all users of test methods are required to perform a minimum level of QC as part of proper implementation of these test methods to ensure ongoing competency.
This practice was created in 1999 but has not been updated since 2002. Therefore, a collaborative effort is underway to completely review and update the practice. This paper will present the consensus process, findings and proposed changes based on current practices.