Using a LIMS to Solve Today’s Most Common Laboratory Challenges

Laboratory Informatics
Oral Presentation

Prepared by K. Ochi
Accelerated Technology Laboratories, 496 Holly Grove School Road, West End, NC, 27376, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 910-673-8165


This presentation will begin with some of the common obstacles that prevent environmental laboratories from realizing their full operational efficiency, meeting their regulatory compliance goals, generating high quality data, and increasing their productivity. The focus will then turn to providing valuable guidance on how labs are using LIMS and laboratory automation to address these challenges.

Topics covered during this presentation include:
• Traceability –The ability to traceback from sample login to disposal is becoming increasingly important based on changes to standards like TNI and ISO 17025.
• Data integrity – Learn how companies are integrating lab automation to eliminate data quality issues.
• Mobile Technology/ELN – Leveraging tablets to record information electronically reduces transcription errors, saves time, and allows the laboratory to go paperless.
• Attaining/maintaining laboratory certifications – Quality standards such as TNI and ISO 17025 put significant pressure on laboratories to keep accurate track of hundreds of data points, laboratory supplies, instrument calibration records and employee training records.
• Reporting – The ability to automate this entire process is a significant time saver by leveraging web portals and automated emails to reduce turnaround time, thus increasing lab productivity, and lowering operational costs.