Cornelius Andy Valkenburg

Cornelius Andy Valkenburg

Cornelius "Andy" Valkenburg is a research scientist with a BA in Biology from Carroll College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Montana State University-Bozeman, with 40 years’ experience working in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, industrial process chemistry, environmental research projects, and laboratory experience with environmental analytical methods, EPA regulations and laboratory accreditations. His consulting firm, Quality Assurance Systems and Evaluations Inc. (QASE Inc.), established in 2018, specializes in scientific research projects, project experimental design in the use of constructed wetlands for environmental remediations, and in the training, implementation, and evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems of analytical calibration and testing laboratories.

He is currently contracted as a Lead Assessor with Perry Johnson Laboratories, Inc., and separately consults with individual laboratories preparing their quality systems for laboratory accreditation. His current projects also include working as a technical research contracts advisor for Floating Island International Inc and is hoping to resolve the nations nutrient pollution concerns by converting Algae into Fish.

Andy has 28 years of experience as a Corporate Quality Assurance Officer and special projects manager for a major environmental testing group of laboratories and directed their Quality Systems for laboratory accreditations to meet various State, TNI, DOD, and ISO/IEC 17025 certifications. Other earlier work experience includes working on Superfund Program contracts involved with research on analytical methods development, multi-laboratory methods validation studies, and in the preparation of method performance testing materials.

Andy’s passion is fishing, river boating, and working on his backyard water garden pond/bog system as an ongoing experiment. He is a proponent for citizen science and is involved with supporting and mentoring student research for regional Science Fairs. He has numerous presentations with NEMC meetings and its predecessor the Waste Testing Quality Assurance Symposium regarding Analytical Method Development, QA systems, and laboratory solvent recycling.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 1-248-519-2603