Nicola Watson

Dr. Nicola Watson has earned a 2.1 Degree and Master of Chemistry from the University of Leeds (England) and a Doctorate in Atmospheric Chemistry from the University of York (England). Dr. Watson is the Strategic Partnership Development Manager and environmental specialist at Markes International, Inc., a company of the Schauenburg International Group, in Gold River, CA.

Dr. Watson is an active member of ASTM International Committees D22 on Air Quality, D19 on Water, and D03 on Gaseous Fuels. Within ASTM Committee D22, Dr. Watson actively contributes to and participates in Subcommittees D22.03 on ambient air, D22.04 on workplace air, and D22.05 on indoor air.

As the current chair of the AIHA Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Committee, Nicola is part of the leadership toward creation of and is an author of a section in the Sampling Quality Assurance Manual being produced by SLAC.

Please welcome Dr. Nicola Watson.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 866-483-5684