Applying Solid Phase Extraction Automation to Oil and Grease Testing

Wet Chemistry Automation
Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Ebitson
Biotage, 16 Northwestern rd, Salem, NH, 03079, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 603-386-3640


A classic gravimetrical test in wet chemistry is the determination of oil and grease for n-Hexane Extractable Material (HEM) and Slicia-gel Treated n-Hexane Extractable Material (SGT-HEM). This methodology known as method 1664B is the only EPA approved method for oil and grease in aqueous matrices. Method 1664 traditionally has been a manual method in wet chemistry but with technological advances there have been approved alternative ways to conduct the entire workflow from extraction to evaporation.

Implementing extraction automation with 1664B can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. One of the allowable alternate extraction techniques, method 3535 otherwise known as solid phase extraction (SPE) is recognized by the EPA and can be automated. With automating new methods some challenges may arise when applying this approach. This work will demonstrate what sample size is appropriate, extraction solvents you can use, alternative extract drying and concentration techniques as well as all aspects of the method modifications when performing SPE automation for oil and grease.