Six Elements of a Successful LIMS Implementation

Laboratory Informatics
Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Riese
Promium, 3350 Monte Villa Parkway #220, Bothell, Washington, 98021, United States

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Laboratory information management systems (LIMS), when implemented successfully, boost performance and efficiency. Without a successful implementation, those benefits are never realized. Mr. Riese will review six elements that are critical to achieving that success.

Completing an implementation project on-time and on budget is one way to measure success. Another valuable metric is whether or not the laboratory improves performance—are you more efficient, did quality improve? The implementation should result in a transformation of business practices. To achieve that kind of broad impact, the laboratory and the LIMS provider must work as an integrated team and allocate adequate resources. In analyzing hundreds of LIMS implementations, we have identified six common elements that form a framework for achieving a successful outcome. Mr. Riese will discuss several issues that can undermine an implementation, and why adherence to these six elements creates the pathway to success.