Overcoming the Challenges of Data Migration and Management, a 300-Site Case Study

Data Quality, Management, and Review
Oral Presentation

Prepared by K. Power
Trihydro Corporation, 1252 Commerce Drive, Laramie, WY, 82070, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 307-745-7474


Managing a large database is no easy task, let alone keeping it 100% accurate. This presentation will discuss the tools and procedures used to migrate and manage data from 300 groundwater/leachate environmental sites across the United States. The data set included millions of data points spanning more than 30 years. We encountered and overcame many challenges related to migration of data from one database to another, managing user administration for not only the client but also for consultants that perform the work for the client, training users so they are able to navigate and understand their data, maintaining data security, and many other day-to-day considerations. To keep the data accurate, procedures were developed and tools were built to maintain the integrity and consistency of data in the database once we receive it and allow for accurately data mining. We will discuss best practices, tools, procedures, and other tips and tricks that helped make this project successful.