MANTECH Multi-Parameter Analysis Systems Optimize Results, Improve Sustainability and Increase Throughput

Wet Chemistry Automation
Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. Dickerman
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MANTECH’s MT-Series Environmental Analyzers feature rapid, user-friendly automated analysis of multiple wet chemistry parameters from a single sample. Each parameter follows standard methods, with versatile software allowing users to easily set up unattended runs for hundreds of samples. MANTECH offers the fastest, lowest volume automated turbidity solution on the market, requiring only 40mL of sample volume and ~3 minutes time for analysis. Standardized solutions are available for common multi-parameter applications, such as rapid pH/Turbidity for digestion screening, pH/Conductivity in soil slurries and extracts, and PeCOD for BOD pre-screening. Typical environmental laboratories can take advantage of MANTECH’s low-volume methods to determine pH, Conductivity, and Alkalinity from only 15mL volume, and pH/EC/Alkalinity/Turbidity/Color from standard 50mL tubes. MANTECH can also accommodate laboratory-specific vessels, as well as any standardized sample cup/tubes, to ensure a smooth transition from manual chemistry methods and eliminate time performing sample transfer before analysis. MANTECH’s dynamic multi-parameter analyzers streamline laboratory performance and improve efficiency of chemists, delivering high-performance results and greater sample throughput.