Fast Analysis of Microplastics Using Laser-Based Infrared Spectroscopy

Innovative New Technology Showcase
Oral Presentation

Prepared by L. Tisinger
Agilent Technologies, 2850 Centerville Road, Wilmington, DE, 19808, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; (805) 566-3011


Microplastics have recently been recognized as significant environmental pollutants, owing to their widespread presence and potential to inflict destructive impact on food, air, and water. Unfortunately, there are no standard methods for monitoring and measuring microplastics – and, depending on particle size, the measurement technology will change. For micron-level particles IR microscopes have been deployed, due to the specificity of IR measurements and the technology’s non-destructive nature. However, such measurements can be time consuming, requiring significant expertise to make measurements and reduce data, post collection. Fortunately, Agilent’s proprietary 8700 LDIR Chemical Imaging System makes the workflow extremely easy; anyone can quickly generate high-quality data with a single button click. The microplastics workflow is completely turn-key: particles are identified; pictures of each particle are taken; physical dimensions of each particle are measured, spectra are collected and library matched; and sample statistics are compiled. This presentation will demonstrate Agilent’s microplastics workflow.