Leveraging Instrument Sensitivity - Customers, Laboratories, and Regulators Benefi ting From Evolving Lab Practices

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Prepared by B. Pike1, . 2
1 - Pace Analytical IDEA Lab & Agilent Technologies, , ,
2 - Agilent Technologies, , ,

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Instrumentation sensitivity gains over the past few decades have allowed laboratories to evolve their practices.  Leveraging this sensitivity has opened up possibilities for labs to reduce extraction volumes while still supporting historical and/or newer lower regulatory limits for many methods at the state and national levels, start moving away from less reliable techniques into more reliable testing techniques, reduce carbon footprints through greener chemistries, and explore new detection modes for outdated methodologies.  This presentation will cover how the environmental testing industry offerings have been changing over time as a direct correlation to the sensitivity gains being realized through instrumentation by looking at case studies in our lab of improvements for PFAS, pesticides, sVOCs and other environmental pollutants using MS technologies.