Automated Wet Chemistry Analysis – New Green Applications

Wet Chemistry Automation - Session 2
Oral Presentation

Prepared by H. Narayanan
Thermo Fisher Scientific, 11008 Tahiti Isle Lane, Tampa, Florida, 33647, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 813-924-5187


Wet chemistry is extensively used in many quantitative inorganic and organic chemistry analyses and is an integral part of modern environmental labs. Each environmental sample such as drinking or waste water requires multiple parameters for complete characterization. Many of these parameters are regulatory critical and require several analytical techniques like pH meter, Ion meter, titration, and FIA/SFA. These conventional wet chemistry methods are labor intensive, perform sequential or batch analysis, need larger sample volumes, reagents, and generate more waste.  A platform based discrete analyzer is flexible, able to perform many different reactions within a single instrument while simultaneously analyzing multiple analytes - all managed by one technician.  In this talk we will discuss how the fully automated wet chemistry analysis in microliter-scale provides cost efficiency, and present several automated wet chemistry applications.