The Unique Challenges Associated with Sampling and Analysis of Produced Waters

Shale Oil and Gas
Oral Presentation

Prepared by R. Hall
NGL Energy Partners, PO Box 697, Manor, PA, 15665, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 724-289-7475


The talk stats with a five minute video introducing NGL (specifically and water midstreams generally) and the New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium. I believe this video is important because it introduces the audience to the size and scope of how produced water is handled in the field.

Following the video the talk will address challenges associated with produced waters. I will illustrate the importance of sampling technique and approach. Many of the challenges relate to the remoteness of shale oil and gas locations, sample access points and the complexity of the processes that the water flows through during its lifecycle. The talk will discuss how this is key to understanding data and identifying potential sources of bias. We will walk from producing wellhead through to disposal well. We will also walk through some of the common recycling approached and discuss why labs should focus more effort on treatability services.