The Environmental Past-Present-Future of Citizen Science.

Citizen Science
Oral Presentation

Prepared by L. Vinci
Drexel University, 1912 Arden Rd sw, Roanoke, VA, 24015, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 913-535-3091


Citizen Science will be showcased as a unique, proven, and emerging phenomenon.

Historical roots of this critical component to science discovery and research will be presented along with various aspects contributing to the formation of this effort. Early initiatives in the origins of this field will be discussed.

An overview of the myriad present-day interventions in Citizen Science will be given. The depth and breadth of the disciplines that Citizen Science efforts cover will also be highlighted. Such fields impacted by Citizen Science efforts as the environment, health, technology, and climate will be incorporated in this presentation.

In a crystal-ball look, based upon emerging trends and new innovations, a forecast will be shared of Citizen Science's future.

Further, during this seminar the audience will be challenged to brain-storm new and innovative citizen research initiatives which could apply to their areas of expertise.