Present at the Creation: The 50-year Evolution of Environmental Instrumentation and Methodology

Keynote Speaker
Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Kennedy
Phenomenex, Inc., 17327 E Ft Verde Rd, Rio Verde, Arizona, 85263, United States

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In 1969, with a newly-minted PhD in analytical chemistry, I joined the Rohm and Haas Research Department in Philadelphia and by 1970 I was deeply involved in environmental research. After 50 years, I am still engaged in the environmental testing profession having spent successive careers in environmental research, environmental laboratory operation, environmental instrumentation and consumable manufacturing and (currently) tracking the development of emerging environmental testing markets.

Participation in both the development and the application of environmental instrumentation and methodology has given me a unique perspective on the scientific, regulatory and commercial forces that have served to create the current environmental enterprise and which will continue to drive progress in the future. In this presentation, I will share my perspective on the developments of the past half century and offer some thoughts about what may possibly yet lie ahead.