Transformation of Microbiological Methods

Current Topics in Microbiology
Oral Presentation

Prepared by Y. Chambers-Velarde
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In the last few decades, microbiological methods have changed significantly. In the early days, none of the methods were validated, there were no quality control criteria. Minimal quality control procedures were in place. Unlike chemistry methods, there were no precise QC controls or standards. Determination of concentration in broth cultures was done by visually comparing to MacFarland standards. Media was prepared from scratch, laboratorians mouth pipetted, and pipets were washed and plugged for reuse. These things are still being done today, but there are options. Prepared media (e.g., dehydrated powder and prepared plates) can be purchased, disposable pipets are inexpensive, so there is no real need to reuse, and laboratorians are no longer allowed to mouth pipette. The big changes or transformation are related to rapidity of methods, ease of use, and availability of standards and validated methods with QC criteria. The question is whether all of these changes have beneficial