Patricia Atkins

Patricia Atkins is a graduate of Rutgers University and has been with SPEX CertiPrep in the role of Research and Applications Scientist for over nine years. Before she came to SPEX CertiPrep she was a Research Associate and Laboratory Manager at Rutgers University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Science for over five years studying air pollution. In her past nine years at SPEX CertiPrep she has been a frequent guest speaker at many conferences including NEMC, Pittcon, and European Atomic Spectroscopy Conference where she presents talks on topics such as clean laboratory practices, use of standards as well as studies on original research topics. Ms. Atkins has been invited to write articles for many scientific publications and journals including Spectroscopy Magazine. Her latest article published in October 2017 on the topic of lead and food was voted one of the top ten articles of 2017. She is currently a columnist for Cannabis Science & Technology Magazine.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 732-623-0470