Cloud Based Real Time Monitoring with Sample Initiation

Field Sampling, Measurement & Sensor Technology
Oral Presentation

Prepared by E. Stuber
SGS Galson, 6601 Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, NY, 13104, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 315-427-4222


A cloud based real time monitoring system with sample initiation will be discussed and presented. The system is applicable to IAQ and outdoor environments. The system tracks key parameters such as particles (all sizes), O3, NO2, temperature, pressure, and many other parameters.

THe unit is easy to install and uses a web platform that provides instant data, air quality profiles,, downloads, warnings and reports. Applications are IAQ, Fenceline Monitoring, IH Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring.

The benefits are
All in one multi-parameter monitor
Ongoing quality of measurements
Simple, accurate and affordable
Unique sample activation system for sample submittal to lab for determination of actual constituants and the concentrations
Possible stand alone version available (solar and or 3G)