Andrew Pawlisz

Mr. Pawlisz has over 18 years of experience planning, executing, and managing projects dealing with human and ecological risk assessments, avian and mammalian toxicology, and providing expert opinion to internal and external clients. Specifically, key areas of expertise involve reviewing toxicological publications for data and conclusions relevant to case studies of interest to clients, providing expert opinions, litigation and regulatory support, risk communication, development of safe concentration levels for human and ecological receptors, assessment of fate, transport, and bioaccumulation of environmental constituents, mathematical modeling of toxicological, biological, and hydrological systems, statistics, probabilistic risk assessment, wildife exposure modeling, risk communication, community relations, and assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. Mr. Pawlisz was the senior risk assessor at several large, complex, and highly visible contaminated sites including the Housatonic River, Calcasieu Estuary, and Anniston. Mr. Pawlisz is an active member of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), and Society of Toxicology (SOT). He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology (D.A.B.T.), an European Registered Toxicologist (E.R.T.), and has published, presented, and peer reviewed numerous articles at for various organizations.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 972-679-7872