Christina Hiegel

Civil Environmental Engineer

Ms. Hiegel has over 13 years’ experience in the environmental industry. Ms. Hiegel is responsible for developing and maintaining the corporate Quality Assurance and Quality Control standards and procedures for overall data quality for several sites including: quality assurance project plans (QAPP), sampling plans, and data validation/evaluation for use in compliance monitoring, risk assessments, closures and numerous other applications. She has organized and developed Trihydro’s technical group for data quality issues and providing leadership for others in EPA Methods and data validation applications.

She is a professional civil/environmental engineer, data quality expert, and project manager. Ms. Hiegel has participated in and managed remediation projects involving soil vapor extraction, multi-phase vapor extraction, and monitoring of contaminant natural attenuation. She has managed projects with complex soil, groundwater, surface water, and vapor intrusion problems on a number of large sites. In addition, she has managed Phase I and Phase II site investigations, conducted Remedy Evaluations and Risk Evaluations and has been responsible for completing and conducting Use Control Areas and Institutional Controls.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 307-745-4993