David Friedman

David is retired after a 42 year career in the federal government involved in environmental protection. He began his federal career at the Food and Drug Administration looking for industrial chemicals entering the food chain and then moved to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help develop the hazardous waste regulatory program. In that position, he directed the development of the hazardous waste characteristic testing methods, EPA's testing manual “Test Methods for the Identification of Hazardous Waste” (SW-846); oversaw the monitoring research conducted by the Office of Research and Development (ORD) in support of the hazardous waste program; served as the Office of Solid Waste Quality Assurance Officer; created the annual National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) and served as its chair for 20 years. In the second part of his EPA career, he served as Senior Advisor on Monitoring to the EPA Science Advisor and Assistant Administrator of the ORD. His responsibilities revolved around: coordination of ORD monitoring research programs; improving Agency policies with respect to environmental monitoring; coordinating the Agency effort to help establish a national environmental laboratory accreditation program; providing authoritative advice and assistance on issues dealing with Agency monitoring regulations, policies and statutes; directing the EPA program to convert a former Soviet biological weapon operations into a commercial environmental analytical laboratory, and helping EPA prepare to respond to emergencies requiring the mobilization of large amounts of analytical laboratory capability. In this regard, he helped lead the EPA effort to develop the manual Standardized Analytical Methods for Environmental Restoration Following Homeland Security Events. As a means of improving Agency monitoring policies and procedures, he helped establish the Agency’s Forum on Environmental Measurements (FEM) and the Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB).

Since retiring David has been serving as Technical Advisor to the ACIL Environmental Sciences Section; has presented seminars on environmental technology validation and on EPA analytical methodology; has advised commercial environmental laboratories in business development; has assisted analytical instrument manufacturers with designing and conducting validations of new instruments and in obtaining approval by EPA for the new technology, and has directed the Independent Laboratory Institute's (ILI) Workshop series and its SPE method development and validation program.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 703-389-3821