Caroline Widdowson

Dr Caroline Widdowson is the Product Marketing Manager for Thermal Desorption at Markes International, a specialist manufacturer of analytical thermal desorption instrumentation, associated sampling equipment and TOF (Time of Flight Mass Spec). The company's comprehensive portfolio of products is designed to automate and enhance the measurement of trace level volatile and semi-volatile organic chemicals (VOCs and SVOCs) in real-world samples.

Caroline completed her Chemistry degree at Cardiff University in 2004, after which she continued to carry out a PhD in Organic Chemistry, specifically synthesising complex heterocyclic drugs for research into premature ageing diseases, soon after finishing this she joined Markes International.

Caroline now spends most of her time advising on sampling, analysis and regulation surrounding the release/emission of chemicals from materials which effect the indoor/in vehicle environment. Caroline participates in many standard and regulatory committees (EH/002/05 Emissions to internal environments, ASTM D22 Indoor Air, CEN ISO/TC 146/SC 6 Indoor Air and Interior air of road vehicles, CEN/TC 264 and CEN/PC 421 Emission safety of combustible air fresheners and similar products) and works closely with manufactures, test labs and research institutes to equip and advise on material emissions and indoor air testing.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 513-488-6161