Performance Characteristics of Different Sample Preparation Methods

Oral Presentation

Prepared by R. Burrows, C. Carter
TestAmerica, 4955 Yarrow St, Arvada, CO, 80002, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 303-736-0145


SW846 has a number of sample preparation options for analysis of organic and inorganic compounds. While these sample preparation procedures generally have some limited amounts of performance data included in the published method, there is relatively little data on overall performance of the sample preparation options.

This presentation will cover a statistical analysis of over 2,000,000 data points on surrogate compounds recoveries and target analytes recoveries for common SW846 methods in both lab generated and field generated matrices. The data will be used to answer the following questions:
- What are the overall performance differences between the various methods?
- How much variation in both average recoveries and in variability of recoveries can be expected between laboratories?
- Can the data be used to identify performance problems or technique problems?
- Is performance on surrogate compounds actually indicative of performance on target analytes? If not, which target analytes have performance characteristics that are not indicted by surrogate results?
- What differences in performance are observed between the lab generated matrix and real field matrices?